From the Ground Up with Carey Miller

Many students here at ASCTE come from small, little-known places from all over the state of Alabama. Carey Miller, a managing director at Deloitte, proves that people from small towns can change the world. 

“You know, the benefits of [coming from a small town] are that you get to do a little bit of everything. I played basketball, volleyball, softball and I was captain of many of those teams. I did a lot of other stuff, like I led our yearbook staff and was the SGA president. In small schools you get a lot of opportunities like that. So, there are some benefits I think to progressing maybe a little more slowly to the bigger and more competitive environments.” 

After Miller graduated high school, she went to Birmingham Southern College.

 “I double majored in English and Math…English is all about communication and writing and that’s very valuable for all professionals. And math for me was a lot about logic and really thinking through your problems in a logical way.” 

As you can see, Miller is an all around business professional, and as Kyra Richardson said “sitting down with her was an amazing experience.” 

Miller started as small as her hometown and worked hard to achieve her dreams and accomplish her goals. But success takes patience and perseverance. 

“After I graduated I was bartending, which was probably not the best use of my math and english degree. And then I got a chance to go into consulting.” 

During the interview she expresses her overall excitement about this line of work. “If you know much about the consulting field, what we generally do is solve problems across a variety of different genres of industries.” said Miller, who specializes in Cyber. 

Miller’s life has had twists and turns, but she never compromised her aspirations and as a result, she is successful and proficient in her career.

Check out the linked video to hear more from Carey Miller.

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