Halloween Week at ASCTE

For those unaware, the week of halloween at ASCTE was the most festive and creepy time of the school year. On Friday, October 30th, students showed up to school in their most creative and original costumes in order to participate in the first annual ASCTE Costume Contest. 

The winners from each team were Andrew Chen in Team 1 dressed as a panda, Timothy Kern, Team 2, was a NASCAR driver, in Team 3 Chris Lindsey was the Tiger King and in Team 4 Mercedes Wolverton was Baby Yoda. All contest winners received their very own pair of ASCTE socks.

Following the contest, residential and commuter students alike travelled to Doomsday Haunted House, where they witnessed a variety of different instruments of death, including chainsaws and flamethrowers (no students were harmed). Here are some reviews from students who attended the event:

“It was good, I guess and it was a nice experience. I liked the music and mini dance parties while waiting in line, I also made new friends. I would recommend students to go there next year.” says Buddy Watson. 

On the other side of things, sophomore Mercy Wolverton said that “It was an overall fun place to go, however I would not go back if I had the opportunity.”

The following night, with a full moon in the sky, the residential Halloween Party was hosted by The Jackson Center, the ASCTE caterer. There was food and games all during the event, with prizes to all of the game winners. 

The games included toilet paper mummy races, a halloween kahoot, what’s in the box game, a whipped cream search and rescue game and bingo. There was also a costume contest with group and individual categories. Congratulations to the gang of onesie-wearing residents won first prize for most spirited. They looked very eccentric and out of place alongside the inventive costumes that also had won prizes at the party, making them very eye-catching. 

Overall, the first Halloween at ASCTE has been nothing short of eventful, and that will hopefully be remembered for a long time. 

Now that it is over, you can frantically scramble to decorate for Christmas a month and a half ahead of time. Happy Holidays!

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