Happy Holidays From ASCTE!

By: Ace Green, Product Manager, and Kyra Richardson, Reporter

On December 11, ASCTE’s student government hosted our very first holiday party. Starting at 5:00 pm, ASCTE students and teachers were greeted at the door by SGA members and festive decorations all throughout the school building. These decorations included colorful string lights brightening up the classrooms, doors wrapped as christmas presents and garland within the halls. Guests then had the choice of sitting by a cozy fire pit outside, watching a holiday movie or playing board games while spending time with friends. As the ASCTE News Team, we are here to tell you just how much the students loved their experience. 

Here is some feedback from the Student Body:

“I would rate this a nine-out-of-ten. As an SGA member, I had a lot of fun planning this party and I’m glad that it was such a hit. I thought the holiday cookies were [excellent] and I was very impressed. Personally, my favorite part was the fire. It was perfect for the weather and hanging out with my friends. The s’mores were also super tasty!” Kali Brice, sophomore, shared. 

Freshman Karson Helms, told us about their experience and said, “The only thing holding me back from giving it a ten-out-of-ten is that I don’t like pizza that much. I would say that the board-game room was the best part. I stayed in there almost the whole time.” 

We’ve also received teacher feedback about the party:

Mrs. Brittani Dugger, the SGA sponsor, gave us her opinion on the party, “It was fun, and kids got to have the unstructured hangout time they wanted. However, some [ASCTE Students] don’t like alot of interaction. I think next time we should add more activities to make introverted people more comfortable. I would rate [the party] a seven-out-of-ten.”

Guests were encouraged to wear comfy pajamas and bring their blankets, as we were showing two different holiday movies, Home Alone in one room, and Elf in the other. Many students took the opportunity to wear comfortable loungewear and some even took it to the next level and wore costumes to correlate with the movies. 

During the party, many students played a variety of fun and entertaining games. Some went outside to play a mixture of volleyball and dodgeball, while some stayed inside and played Monopoly for almost three hours! Winner of the intense game, Sophomore Javen Bies-Dupree, said his favorite part was the “freedom to [have fun and] be myself around my friends.” Besides games and athletic activities, there was also an option to decorate holiday sugar cookies, competing against your friends for the best-looking cookie (or tastiest). Students were allowed to leave whenever they chose, however, the majority of students waited until the official departure time at 9:30 pm to leave.

During this separated, pandemic-filled year, we needed this cheerful holiday joy to promote inter-team relationships. This was a perfect opportunity to establish friendships with students in other teams. Overall, the SGA-planned party was a success. The students of ASCTE are excited for more parties to come and will be sure to stay safe over winter break!

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