Virtual School Week at ASCTE

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter

As the students of ASCTE already know, the week after Thanksgiving Break was a virtual schooling week. It started on November 30th and ended on that Friday, December 4th. 

ASCTE implemented a virtual school week to act as a buffer after possible family gatherings. During this COVID-19 procedure, the students and faculty used Google Meet as a way to learn synchronously as a class. 

This was new compared to when ASCTE used an a-synchronous learning method during Fall Break. After interviewing a few of the students and staff that participated in this week, this is the feedback we received:

“I prefer learning in person. If I was able to choose, I wouldn’t do virtual learning again. I’d rate it a five out of ten.” explained Ace Green, a freshman at ASCTE. 

T’nye Kelly also shared her experience as a sophomore, “I didn’t mind it that much. It was sometimes harder to learn—retain things. I guess it’s easier to [retain] things in a classroom rather than in your home. I personally would rate it a seven out of ten.”

We were also able to gain insight from a teacher’s perspective, thanks to Mr. Bohon, the cyber and math teacher:

“I don’t think it affected my class as much since most of it was already done online. I think it was harder to answer questions with individual students since I would have to hear them trying to get my attention through the computer.”

The school also used Zoom Meetings to continue the Field Experience class and the Friday Lunch and Learn. 

This was effective in keeping the students engaged with the community and workforce while away from school.

Most classes spent approximately twenty minutes learning on the Meet and then the students were allowed to work independently on the assignment given by their teacher. The students were asked to stay on the Meet, so if there were any questions, it would be easier to access their teacher. 

Overall, even though it was difficult for many students and teachers, the virtual week was a great success in preventing people from coming back sick. 

The ASCTE news team gives thanks to the faculty for putting in so much effort and dedication in making sure that everyone got the best possible experience out of the virtual learning week. The faculty made do with a very difficult situation. The priority to keep learning is always important, but student safety is definitely everyone’s first concern here at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering.

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