Many Students Quarantined After Break

By: Ace Green, Reporter, Production Manager 

Over Winter Break, while students were all spending time with their family, the ASCTE Basketball Team came in contact with one that is believed to be a COVID-19 carrier. After attending a tournament at Scottsboro, seven students, two coaches, and one teacher were sent home due to being exposed. This explains why many students haven’t been to school.

Receiving feedback from a quarantined freshman, Landon Hillis says, “The tournament was fun, it felt nice to get to actually play a few games. With COVID, we’ve only been practicing due to being constrained. We were supposed to have another game this week though, inevitably, it was canceled.”

Many of the quarantined students haven’t been missing school. They have been on Google Meets with the teachers during class to have them feel like they’re in a normal classroom environment.

Other students who have been quarantined, such as freshman Rachel Haney, have also been on Google Meets with teachers. Rachel, who was quarantined after Thanksgiving Break, shared, “Overall, it was really helpful. There were a number of assignments that I was not able to complete over [the] virtual [learning duration], however, I wasn’t nearly as behind as I expected [I would be]. The teachers were super helpful and understanding whenever I was unable to join [the Google Meetings] due to my symptoms.”

Attending school in-person during a pandemic can be a bit fear-inducing. However, as a whole, ASCTE has been on the right track to ensure everyone stays healthy. On that note, be sure to wear your mask, sanitize your hands, and maintain a six-foot distance from people around you. Stay safe! 

For additional information on the Coronavirus, please visit: 

Edited by: Seth Birdsong. Tanner Wright, Jaelyn Longino

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