Ravn X: The Solution to the Digital Divide

By: Addison Hammond, Reporter, and Audrey Oberle, Reporter

       Manci, Yanga. “Ravn X.” Business Tech Africa , 7 Dec. 2020, http://www.businesstechafrica.co.za/technology/aevum-unveils-worlds-biggest-drone-ravn-x/#prettyPhoto. 

On Friday, December 14th, 2020, Aevum, a company based in Huntsville, released the largest drone in the world, the Ravn X. This massive machine is 80 feet long and has a wingspan of 60 feet. Aevum plans to use Ravn X  to make the process of launching satellites cheaper and more efficient. 

They plan to do this by launching small satellites from the drone into space, which greatly reduces the cost to send them into orbit. But for what reason? Aevum aims to increase communication around the world and give internet access to people in rural areas. 

Regarding that, Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs frequently launch large rockets in the hopes of solving the digital divide, the gap between those who can easily access the internet and those who cannot. This will bring great promise and increase jobs in STEM fields.

Also, with this reusable drone, it is possible that the process can be repeated several times daily with fewer resources needed than other systems;  with this, the digital divide becomes less large each launch.

The military is extremely interested in this technology and how it can be applied in defense. Therefore, the military will be working with CEO Jay Skylus to improve communication for U.S Troops that cannot contact each other, which will save lives. The Air Force is also going to be involved with these defensive measures and more, so the Air Force is going to be the host of Ravn X‘s first launch. 

Regarding all of this, the Ravn X will help advance space travel, communication, and defense. This will mark a turning point in more cost-effective, efficient transport into space, and will bring us closer to commercial space travel. We will just have to wait and see where the field advances from here.

Edited by: Seth Birdsong. Tanner Wright, Jaelyn Longino

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