African American Representation in the STEM Field

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter With February being Black History Month, we want to appreciate the diversity in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field. You may have heard of famous inventions such as iPhones, eyeglasses and commercial microwaves; but there are various others that are often overlooked. Many of these creations came from theContinue reading “African American Representation in the STEM Field”

History of Oakwood

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter February is Black History Month. With Oakwood, a historically black Seventh-day Adventist university, being in such close proximity to ASCTE we are now sharing Oakwood’s History Oakwood was established on the former Beasley plantation in 1896. Ellen White of the Southern Missionary Society and Charles M. Kinney envisioned Oakwood as anContinue reading “History of Oakwood”

COVID-Friendly Activities in Huntsville

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter Huntsville is starting to open back up! After the mandated stay-at-home and quarantine order was lifted, many places opened themselves back up to the public, however, with restrictions. Here are some COVID-friendly activities that you can do in Huntsville: Space and Rocket Center  The Space and Rocket Center is the perfectContinue reading “COVID-Friendly Activities in Huntsville”

ASCTE’s Beth Blair is not an Average School Counselor

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter ASCTE’s counselor, Beth Blair, is not what you would describe as a typical high school counselor. While a standard school counselor would help with students’ schedules and college applications, Mrs. Blair’s position focuses more on the mental and emotional health aspects of students.  “Ms. Dee, Dr. Hodges’ assistant has a backgroundContinue reading “ASCTE’s Beth Blair is not an Average School Counselor”