ASCTE’s Beth Blair is not an Average School Counselor

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter

ASCTE’s counselor, Beth Blair, is not what you would describe as a typical high school counselor. While a standard school counselor would help with students’ schedules and college applications, Mrs. Blair’s position focuses more on the mental and emotional health aspects of students. 

“Ms. Dee, Dr. Hodges’ assistant has a background as a counselor in a high school and she will take over that piece of [applications, schedules, and testing] as a part of her job… She will focus on college applications, financial aid, and scholarship, and I’ll be focused strictly on the therapy side,” explains Beth Blair. 

Mrs. Blair discusses her background in counseling; “I had a private practice before this for about a year and a half, almost two years. Before that, I did mental health at a mental health center, and I worked there for over a decade. I ran an outpatient program [and] a day-treatment program.”

Mrs. Blair received her undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama in New College. She has an education in psychology, social work, and child development. While at Alabama, she went through the counselor-education program and majored in vocational rehab counseling. 

Beth Blair clarifies why ASCTE chose to bring her in as a counselor specifically for students’ emotional well-being. With being a boarding and higher-performing school, people advised Mr. Massey, President of ASCTE, to have someone to help deal with the mental health facet. She also explains that there are several factors outside of the school, such as COVID-19, that were affecting students cognitively at other schools. 

In conclusion, ASCTE wants to address mental health foremost and make sure that counseling is available to any student that might be struggling. 

“[Remember to] focus on how you are managing stress [and] learn how to manage stress in healthy ways. Also, the self-care piece, part of stress management, is actually taking time to do things that [positively affect] you and your mental health.” 

This is advice for the entire student body of ASCTE from Mrs. Blair. 

Any student at ASCTE can get in contact with Mrs. Blair through email, or even by just pulling her aside during the school day. Students of ASCTE, remember to stay positive and healthy during stressful times! 

Edited By: Seth Birdsong, Jaelyn Longino, Tanner Wright

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