COVID-Friendly Activities in Huntsville

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter

Huntsville is starting to open back up! After the mandated stay-at-home and quarantine order was lifted, many places opened themselves back up to the public, however, with restrictions. Here are some COVID-friendly activities that you can do in Huntsville:

Space and Rocket Center 

The Space and Rocket Center is the perfect place to visit if you love space. They hold a spaceflight collection including the first American satellite, Explorer I, the current models for the SLS and more. The Space and Rocket Center is now open with the requirement of face-masks being worn and social distancing being enforced. Operating hours have been shifted to allow for cleaning and sanitization. 

Huntsville Botanical Garden 

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is an amazing place to spend the afternoon outside. From beautiful flowers to their butterfly house, you will never want to leave. The garden is open for visitors that have reserved a ticket online from their website. Evening programs are also being offered again along with normal garden hours. They require face-coverings to be worn inside and outside when social distancing is not possible. 

Huntsville Museum of Art 

The Huntsville Museum of Art has its own collection of 2,522 works of art not including the traveling exhibitions that they change every year. The Huntsville Museum of Art has re-opened back to its regular operating hours. By visiting their website, you can purchase tickets in advance. The staff is requiring face-masks and social distancing. 

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment focuses on the visual arts through working studios, galleries, a theatre, a community garden and performance venues. Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is open Wednesday through Saturday. Face-coverings are required to enter and staff members are encouraging the public to stay six feet from others. They have also hired cleaning crews to sanitize surfaces and doors throughout the day. 

With Huntsville re-opening in many places, we hope that everyone will continue to stay safe and stay connected. We also advise everyone to research the restrictions businesses have put on visitor entry before going somewhere. Remember to social distance and wear your face-mask! 

Edited By: Seth Birdsong, Jaelyn Longino, Tanner Wright

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