We Love Engineering; But Let’s Talk About that Pay Gap.

By: Leela Hudnall, Reporter, Manager  Most everyone at the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering loves engineering. Shocking; I know. However, as much as we love this field, no one is perfect, and neither is engineering. In honor of National Equal Pay Day and National Women’s History Month, let’s discuss the pay gap. First,Continue reading “We Love Engineering; But Let’s Talk About that Pay Gap.”


By: Javen Bies-Dupree, Reporter   March is filled with exciting new beginnings. From an international PI day for mathematicians to the beginning of spring for nature lovers; everyone can find their gimmick during this exciting new time. Now a full year after this Friday the 13th, a day that even Jason would be scared of, MarchContinue reading “THE END IS NEAR – Or So I Hope”

Women’s History Month

By: Kyra Richardson, Reporter Why was March chosen for Women’s History Month? Well, in 1981, congress requested that the President proclaim the week beginning March as “Women’s History Week.” By 1987, after many joint resolutions had passed, March was officially authorized as “Women’s History Month.” March is the month that we recognize and celebrate theContinue reading “Women’s History Month”

National Dr. Seuss Day

By: Ace Green, Reporter, Production Manager  On March 2nd, we celebrate the author, Dr. Seuss; this date being his birthday. Closely affiliated with National Read Across America Week, this day is used to promote reading in small children, much like the author himself. Before appreciating Seuss for his work, it’s important to talk about whoContinue reading “National Dr. Seuss Day”