ASCTE Mascot

By: Ace Green, Reporter, Production Manager 

Since the beginning of ASCTE, there have been suspicions as to what our mascot would be due to ASCTE being a brand new school. Last month, the Student Government Association (SGA) decided it was a necessity to receive student feedback in order to come to a decision.

SGA members sent out the first Google Form, which had a written response question asking each student for a mascot suggestion. The top ten picks were Pythons, Comets, Sentinels, Bolts, Circuit Breakers, Stingrays, Astronauts, ASCTE Nova, Paladins, and Cyber Corgis. 

These top ten picks were put into a second Google Form which was, again, sent out to the student body. This form had a multiple-choice question format, allowing them to pick three of their favorite ideas. Pythons won with a vote tally of thirty-nine, Sentinels being runner-up with a vote tally of twenty-eight, and ASCTE Nova in third place with a vote tally of twenty-five. 

The Student Government had ideas on what they would do with these responses. One idea was that SGA would vote on the mascot, leaving them with the final decision. The second idea was to send out, yet again, another Google Form allowing one last pick. The SGA members voted, and the majority of Team Representatives voted on letting the students decide.

With school-wide opinions at the forefront of this decision, teachers were also allowed a vote. Expecting Python to win again, Representatives were shocked when they received results. The ASCTE Sentinels won with a tally of thirty votes. 

We are excited for our school to finally have a mascot, as it is the face of our new and unique school. However, SGA Representatives are still in need of student feedback. The Student Government of ASCTE is now searching for mascot design ideas. Representatives are allowing student submissions to review in the month of March. If you have any ideas, please talk to one of your Team Representatives.

We are excited to see what some of you come up with!

Edited by: Seth Birdsong

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