By: Javen Bies-Dupree, Reporter  

March is filled with exciting new beginnings. From an international PI day for mathematicians to the beginning of spring for nature lovers; everyone can find their gimmick during this exciting new time. Now a full year after this Friday the 13th, a day that even Jason would be scared of, March can add a new “beginning” to its belt: one that teens, parents, and students all resent to this date. March 13 marks the one-year anniversary of the closing of American school systems due to the global pandemic-causing virus: SARS-CoV-2 virus aka Coronavirus. With the pandemic reaching 1 year old, it is time to ask the question that: 


Looking back to March 13 or as Medical Professor C.R. Doarn of the University of Cincinnati puts it, “THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL”, Covid-19 cases were beginning to rise rapidly and were far from over. Last year, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported 1,678 new Covid-19 cases with a record death of 41 deaths. Today, this number hails in comparison to the 29,310,018 cases and 532,355 deaths that have impacted at least every American in some way, shape, or form through the form of a loved one or celebrity icon.

Over the year, the CDC has become overwhelmed by the spread of the Coronavirus, however, it may be for nothing. This is thanks to the creation of the Covid-19 vaccines that are quickly sweeping the nation. As of today, over 10% of the population has received at least one of the two-shot vaccines. Right now, the vaccine is being targeted towards citizens who fit one of the following categories:

  1. 1A Essential Health Worker
  2. 1B and 1C Essential Worker
  3. Persons age 55 and older
  4. Persons with high-risk health concerns over the age of 16

The vaccine is predicted to become available to all Americans by Mid-Summer of 2021 and soon become a regular procedure routine like Influenza, Rabies, and Hepatitis Vaccines.

A year ago, Covid seemed like something equal to the common cold. Today, we recognize it as the biggest event for most of our lives. With the implementation of the vaccines and fellow protocols around Covid-19, it seems like Americans may be able to put “The Virus” behind them. Maybe we can all finally stop having to grab a mask every time we want to go see a family member and maybe we can go back to the parties and adventures that make life fun. Either way, while things may not ever be the same as a year ago, the future may have better benefits to come. 

For additional information regarding Covid-19 and Vaccine Accessibility, please visit 

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