F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-16 Fighting Falcon | Lockheed Martin
Copyright by Lockheed Martin

By: Sam Ware, Reporter

The United States Air Force (USAF) has had a formidable machine at its disposal for the past 42 years.  The F-16 Fighting Falcon Jetfighter is currently one of the main workhorses of the USAF with currently over 1,245 in active use from Active service, Air National Guard, and the Reserve. Since being first given to the USAF in 1979, the F-16 has proven itself as one of the most deadly aircraft in America’s arsenal.

With a max service ceiling of 50,000ft., the operational range of 2,002 miles, and the max speed of 1,500mph or Mach 2 at cruising altitude makes it almost superior to most aircraft in use by the Russians and Chinese. It also can operate at full capacity when performing maneuvers or going at speeds that cause the Aircraft to pull more than 9g’s which is even more than the newest US fighter which currently is the F-35. 

Currently, the most recent action the F-16 has seen has been with the ongoing War on Terror which has spanned all over the Middle East with most of the combat being split between Afghanistan and Iraq. However, since the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, the F-16 has not seen air to air combat. As of now, the F-16 is now being used for ground Strikes. The F-16 stands as one of the most impressive aircraft in the USAF.

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